4 Things You Need to Throw the Best Backyard BBQ Ever

The only thing better than going to a BBQ is hosting a raging BBQ yourself. You will be the talk of your social group for weeks if not months to come, because everyone wants to have a great time at a legendary backyard BBQ. If you’ve ever been to one, you probably thought, wow, I could never do that myself, this party is so raging and awesome. Wrong you are – anyone with a backyard can throw an awesome backyard BBQ, and here are the things you absolutely must have to do so!

1. Gas and Coal Grills

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I am a charcoal grill purist, so you absolutely need to cook the burgers and steaks on the real coals. Grilling your meat on a gas grill is like holding a steak over your stove top’s gas burner. Why would you do that? And why do people seem to think it’s acceptable to grill meat on a gas grill? It isn’t. Don’t make that mistake. However, a gas grill is still a useful thing to have, whether it’s to keep things warm, or to make the veggie burgers or veggie kabobs. You’re not wrong to have a gas grill, you’re just wrong to grill meat on it. Have both.
2. Multiple Drink Coolers

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Since you probably told your friends they can bring beer, you’re probably looking at a ton of beer coming in at the beginning of your party. You don’t want to have to keep some off the ice with the plan to stock the cooler as beers are consumed. First of all, the new beer won’t be cold enough and second of all, you’re going to be drunk and grilling and not be thinking about the beer. Coolers are easy to come by, especially at a site like www.thelashop.com, and ice is really cheap. Get a bunch of coolers and ice and let all the beer be cold all day long.

3. Jams

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You can’t have a backyard BBQ without some music, so make sure you have a loud enough sound system. Something simple but effective can be found on http://www.thelashop.com also, so get those tunes pumping all afternoon long. Make sure you make a great playlist from your computer, one that flows right along with the party. Fun songs at first, and funkier ones later on so if people want to dance after the beer has been flowing they can. Although, backyard BBQ’s aren’t really for dancing.

4. Chairs

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Your guests will want to mill around, but they’ll also want to take a load off after a long week at the ol’ rat race. Provide plenty of chairs for them. The folding chairs that have drink holders are probably the best for this because they can be had cheap and can be set up and packed away really quickly and easily. They’re a good investment to have anyway, because folding chairs come in handy in other facets of life more than you might think. Also, a picnic table would be cool too, depending on they layout of your back yard. But chairs and tables are important. Also snacks. Lots of snacks.

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