Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wooden Furniture

Wooden FurnitureThe question is do you really know how to choose good wooden furniture for your home? Admittedly, most of us don’t have the first idea of what to look for when we are checking out wooden furniture. Most of the time, we base our decisions on how sturdy or strong the furniture looks, or how attractive it is. And while this is not entirely wrong, it is also good to know a few more things about what we are buying and to really have a good idea of what to look for in wooden furniture, especially when it comes to wooden tables.

Consider the type of wood
There are different types of wood used for the construction of furniture. It is in your best interest to know what kind of wood is used for the wooden furniture you are looking at, as each kind has different qualities that separate them from one another. There are three basic categories of wood: soft, hard, or engineered. What you choose determines how long your piece of furniture will last, and how well it ages.

Hardwood – Hardwood furniture is the best quality. Hard woods are from the deciduous tree family, and these include oak, mahogany, walnut, teak, birch, and cherry. Preparing this type of wood to be made into furniture consists of air drying and kiln drying it so that all the moisture is removed.

Soft wood – Soft woods are comprised of the coniferous tree family, which includes fir, pine, cedar, and redwood. Soft wood can also be of good quality, especially if the furniture is expertly constructed, but it is important to remember that this type of wood is often prone to scratching and denting and need more care and maintenance.

Engineered wood – Engineered wood is also often referred to as plywood. As the name implies, this is not solid wood. Instead, plywood or strips of wood are pasted or glued together to create furniture such as bookcases or shelves. Engineered wood may not be as long-lasting as solid wood, and is not recommended if you are looking for the sturdiest wooden furniture.

Consider the way it was constructed
Another aspect to look for when choosing a wooden table or other wooden furniture is the construction. The way it is constructed also contributes greatly to how long it lasts, how beautiful it is, and how practical or functional it is.

The best methods of putting furniture together are through dovetails and the mortise and tenon joint. These methods have been used for centuries, and also contribute to a stronger and more aesthetically-made joint. You can also look for joints consisting of screws or dowels, but avoid choosing furniture which has stapled joints. A corner block also adds to the furniture’s stability, and you can check for this on the interior corner of the piece of furniture.

Of course, you should also test the piece for sturdiness. You can easily determine a wooden table’s sturdiness by rocking or jostling it. The piece of furniture should not wobble, and it should also be on a level with the ground. Wooden tables like farm tables should also have a good, high quality finish that has been well-sanded and stained.

Whether you are looking for a reclaimed antique farm table from reliable sources like to add an elegant and practical touch to your dining room, or a sturdy wooden table for your home office, it always pays to know what to consider. With the right material, construction, and finish, you’ll have a piece of furniture which you can enjoy and make use of for decades.

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