5 Plants to Brighten up Your Home Decor

These simple and unique houseplants can make a perfect addition to your décor during wintertime. Wondering what greenery to choose? Here are five ideas to get you inspired.


Poinsettia is an all-time winter classic. If you want to add some plant life into your home décor, you cannot go wrong with this greenery. Growing poinsettia might be complicated for inexperienced gardeners. First, you need to ensure proper lightening, temperature and water conditions. While in full bloom, the greenery prefers semi-cool and humid locations with bright indirect light. You should water the poinsettias often, but avoid letting them sit in a filled saucer. Fertilize the plant when it’s not in bloom. With the right care, you can enjoy the intense red blooms and deep green leaves during the holiday season.


The holiday season would not be the same without mistletoe. Although, the evergreen is traditionally used as a decoration, you can grow your own greenery indoors on a small tree or outside on a nurse plant. Yes, mistletoe needs a host plant and is very specific about its preferences for species.  The parasitic plant lives well on trees such as apple, conifers, lime and hawthorn. If you are planting your greenery indoors, pick a small potted tree. Mistletoe requires minimal care and is not prone to diseases. You will only need to apply fertilizer in the spring and keep an eye on the host plant for pest problems. Mistletoe can be male or female. If you only get flowers but no berries, your greenery is male.

5 Plants to Brighten up Your Winter Home Décor2Rosemary

Rosemary is an attractive shrub with piney leaves and pleasant fragrance. Traditionally used in the holiday meals, this evergreen can do double-duty as a holiday decoration. Because of its needle-like leaves, it reminds of a miniature pine and what better way to associate with winter than that? Rosemary care is easy and doesn’t require any specific gardening expertise. To keep your plant happy and healthy, place it in a warm and humid environment and trim it from time to time.

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus is a popular winter-flowering houseplant that can work great in any indoor setting. The plant is easy to maintain and can live well under average home conditions. Although it can survive in low light environment, Christmas cactus will produce more blooms when exposed to brighter light. Keep the plant moist and water it regularly.


Amaryllis is a gorgeous plant with lush bell-shaped flowers and long, thick stalks. The greenery may require a little more work and gardening experience. Because amaryllis blooms at the beginning of winter, many people prefer to put it in their home as an addition to their festive décor. During that period, you only need to water it and keep it out of harm. Once the flowers are gone, the real work begins. At this point the bulb is depleted of minerals and requires fertilizing. You will also need to cut the top of stalk, leaving the leaves. With dedication and persistence, your amaryllis will brighten up your home for the holidays and long after that with its pretty blooms.

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