Have You Considered the Benefits of Organic Lawn Care?

Every homeowner wants a luscious, green lawn, but getting it takes a lot of work, energy and time. Proper lawn care and maintenance on a regular basis is essential to a healthy, green lawn. A beautiful lawn has a big impact on your home’s appearance, curb appeal and property value.

With growing interests in green living, many homeowners have turned to organic lawn care as a way to reduce pollution and protect the environment. While many traditional over-the-counter lawn care products contain chemicals that degrade the soil and pollute the ground water, organic lawn care products are chemical-free. Organic products help your lawn to build a natural defense system that promotes healthy grass growth with strong, deep root systems. Grass and plants get nutrients through their roots in the soil, but only as deep as roots can reach. Building a deep root system allows your grass to get more nutrients and reduces the need for topical fertilizers.

Organic lawn care provides many important benefits for your lawn, as well as your home including:

* Thicker Turf – Thick, healthy turf prevents aggressive weeds like dandelions and crabgrass from popping up in your lawn. Thick turf and regular mowing with your jacobsen greens king 522 will crowd out weeds and reduce space and oxygen they need to grow.

* Greener Grass – Organic lawn care products release carbon-dioxide which triggers natural photosynthesis. This contributes to greener grass blades that aren’t coated with chemical fertilizers that are difficult to absorb.

* Less Water Contamination – EPA studies show that up to 60 percent of nitrogen found in traditional fertilizers ends up in ground water that’s converted into drinking water for American households.

* A Safer Environment – Organic lawn care products contain no chemicals. They provide a safe outdoor environment for children and pets without dangerous health hazards from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic fertilizers are completely biodegradable.

If you’re a homeowner who’s concerned about the environment, consider organic lawn care for your home. Products may cost a little more in the beginning, but lawn care costs will decrease over time as your lawn builds up a natural, safe eco-system.

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