How to Create Beautiful Landscaping Around Your Home

Many homeowners envy the beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens that they see in the magazines, but they assume that they can’t possibly recreate such splendor on their own property. The truth is, if you break down your landscape design into three simple steps, you too can recreate the beautiful gardens you’ve seen.

Create Your Design

The first step towards the garden of your dreams is creating a good design. Begin by looking for pictures of what you like in magazines and online. Once you have a good size collection, you will start to see a pattern developing of exactly what you do and do not like. Take the pictures of the landscaping you like and start deciding where you can recreate those looks around your own home.

Purchasing the Plants

Once you have decided on the designs you like best, turn to your local garden center for help. Take your pictures and any notes you have made and go to the garden center to talk to the professionals. They can help you determine if the plants in your pictures will work in your area of the country, and if they won’t, they will guide you towards similar substitutions. Best of all, they will give you tips on how to plant everything.

Keeping Up Appearances

Even the most amazing landscaping won’t look good for long if it isn’t cared for properly. Maintenance is important. Make sure you are trimming properly, using the correct fertilizers, and keeping everything sufficiently watered. Use the professional irrigation st louis has available to set you up with a good sprinkler system. You also want to deadhead any flowering plants, to keep them blooming and looking terrific.

Having a good design in place, buying the proper flowers and plants, and learning how to take care of your landscaping will leave your own property looking fabulous. You will have improved your curb appeal and added instant beauty to your own lawn and gardens.

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