3 Top Outdoor Lighting Options for 2014

If 2014 is the year you’ve chosen to add illumination and charm to your outdoor area, you have many great outdoor landscape lighting options from which to choose. Since having fun outdoors often lasts into the evening hours, it’s important that you have sufficient lighting in your yard. Whether you enjoy spending quiet evenings alone outside or tend to invite friends and family over, it’s essential that you have ample lighting available and that the lighting is aesthetically pleasing. Here are three of the most popular outdoor lighting trends for 2014.

Solar Lighting for Walkways and Patios
Due to the fact that it’s environmentally friendly, solar lighting is a popular way to illuminate outdoor spaces. This type of ‘green’ lighting helps save on energy bills and it comes in many designs and a variety of price ranges. It’s very easy to install this type of lighting as there are no wires to deal with and it can be moved without much fuss at all. Solar lights capture the energy from the sun during the day wherein it’s converted into energy that powers the lights after sunset.

Solar lights look wonderful when placed along walkways, drives and paths as they provide ample illumination that’s not too bright. Solar lights come in all types of shapes, sizes and colors. The soft light emitted from this type of lighting does a wonderful job of highlighting shrubberies and low hedges.

Motion-Activated LED Lights
Whether you’re looking for Arizona outdoor landscape lighting options for your home in the desert or need illumination for your wintertime residence in snowy New England, a top choice to consider is motion-activated LED lighting. This type of lighting is for you if you wish to be safe from burglars without having to be overly concerned about energy consumption. Using a sensor that detects motion when people or vehicles approach, the bright LED lights switch on during the nighttime and stay off during the day. Many homeowners choose to buy motion-activated lights instead of more expensive burglar alarms.

LED motion-activated lights come in a wide range of designs and are 100% waterproof. It’s easy to install this type of light fixture yourself as there is no complicated wiring to concern yourself with.

Low Voltage Lighting for Outdoor Use
A lighting trend that has really taken off lately and which is projected to remain popular for a few years to come is low voltage outdoor lighting. This type of lighting is a breeze to install with the exception of having to connect it to a 120 volt circuit. This lighting runs on a harmless 12-volt current and the wiring it comes with can be laid on the ground or buried just below the surface. Because low voltage systems are relatively inexpensive to buy and run, this lighting option is now being used by homeowners to illuminate paths, drives, patios, decks and gardens. Because this type of lighting is not very bright, it’s not useful for security purposes but it does a wonderful job of illuminating yards, gardens, patios and pool areas.

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