5 Crucial Strategies for Storage Unit Security

SecurityWhether you have a caravan, a boat, a shed, commercial steel buildings,  a custom steel building or a storage unit, you need to focus your attention on security. These buildings and premises have the same problems surrounding security, including the issue of not being connected to electricity for most of the year. How do you successfully secure a boat, or a storage unit that contains your prized possessions? What do you do when your storage unit is located miles away from your house? Take a look at the following advice and stop worrying about whether your caravan or your shed is secure when you don’t access it for many months out of the year.

1. Arrange your Space
Many thefts take place when a thief is looking for something specific such as electronics or other valuables and they see them through the window, or immediately when they force open the door. Keep all valuables out of sight. Hide items in boxes at the very back of the unit, or keep valuable items out of sight under blankets and clothing. Put non-valuable items at the front of the unit to dissuade opportunist thieves from looking further. If you have a boat or a caravan, make sure the curtains are kept closed and that there is nothing to alert a potential thief that there may be something worth investigating inside. Never “advertise” the worth of your belongings to passers-by and thieves.

2. Look for a Suitable Alarm System
Without a power source to “plug in” an alarm system you may wonder how you are going to keep the area secure. For example, when considering caravan security you should focus on an alarm system that can be easily set up and removed when you move. For storage units, a wireless security system is ideal because you don’t ever need to be on the premises to check the security status of the unit. The space is monitored remotely and you can also log-in whenever you want to check how things are going. This provides excellent peace of mind.

3. Buy a High-End Lock
A cheap and simple padlock is probably not going to work for protecting a caravan or a storage unit. Make sure you use something that is difficult to cut or that has a combination – or both.

4. Make sure the Surroundings are Secure
If your caravan is parked in a site, make sure there is a perimeter fence and video surveillance. The same goes for a storage facility. Make the facility work for you – don’t leave your belongings in a poorly maintained, non-secure space.

5. Keep a Record
Make sure you know exactly what you have stored in your unit so you can keep track of everything in the event of a break-in, and have more chance of getting your items back when you register the loss with the police. Prevention is better than cure but it also pays to be prepared for any eventuality.

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