Creating Magical Metal Worlds

Metal sphere fire pit designs bring amazing art to life. Creating these magical metal worlds is no easy task. If you have ever been curious about how these metal sphere fire pit designs are created, today is your lucky day.

The magic begins when two half-spheres are welded together to form a great ball. The size of this giant metal sphere depends on the piece that is being crafted. The ball is then cleaned off to remove any excess debris and oils.

Our artists then hand draw artwork directly onto the metal. As they work their magic, the artwork begins to take on a life of its own. Once the hand-drawn portion of the metal sphere fire pit is completed, it’s time to start cutting the design.

The cutting of each metal sphere fire pit is usually done by hand. This can vary depending on artist and manufacturer. During the cutting phase, there is also more detail and precision added as the images take real-world shape.


The process ends with any painting or coating that may be added. These can vary depending on a number of factors. There are a number of them that tend to really stand out:

– Just let it go. Leave your metal sphere fire pit unfinished and in its beautiful natural splendor. This works very well for reclaimed pieces.

– Class things up a little bit by asking your artist for a blackened patina finish. Usually hand-rubbed, this finish is elegant and classy.

– Paints upon paints. There is no end to the number of painting options one can find if they are so inclined. Marine-grade paint holds up well under more extreme conditions, aside from the scorching flames, of course.

The world of metal sphere fire pits is an ever-growing and changing landscape. As technology helps artists create more magical works of art, the artists will continue to provide top-notch work while pushing the limits of what is possible.

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