Great Ways to Use Custom Fences

Custom fences are available for people who need solutions for specific situations or conditions on a property. In most neighborhoods, many homeowners use custom fences in very strategic and practical ways.

A Barrier for Pests

Rodents are smart creatures, so they will invade any property that has a consistent food supply. Among all of the pests in rural areas, a raccoon usually causes frequent problems because it knows how to access trashcans. A custom fence with a wooden base is a great defensive solution this type of problem. It shouldn’t have any openings as a typical raccoon can scale a fence by stepping on small crevices.

Theft Defense

A custom fence can be used to defend a property if it has practical design elements. For example, a fence that’s made of iron is an ideal option for a property that needs the highest level of security because solid iron won’t fall over after it’s mounted firmly in the ground. If you don’t want people to see your grill, patio furniture, and other outdoor items in a patio area, invest in a tall, solid wooden fence.Protection for Pets By installing a custom fence, you can protect your pets while maintaining your property’s curb appeal. Typically, the layout in a front yard influences curb appeal, so you shouldn’t block the view of your front lawn with a bulky fence. Instead, install a custom fence that suits the size of your pets and the yard’s layout. For example, if you need to protect a small dog, install a picket fence that your dog can’t climb or jump over. A traditional picket fence is very attractive, so it won’t make a beautiful landscape less appealing.

You can protect your property in a tactical way by installing a custom fence with a study gate. If you need solutions in Portland, simply work with a crew that specializes in unique fences and custom gates in Portland OR.

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