Health Benefits of a Swimming Pool

The benefits of a swimming pool have been known for many years. Particularly, bathing, soaking, or swimming in warm water has been recommended as alternative therapy for people suffering from a number of problems from arthritis to fibromyalgia. People suffering from various problems have chosen to invest in heaters for their pools to enjoy these benefits.

Easing the Pain of Illness and Injury

Some studies have found when people with arthritis exercised in warm water a couple of times a week, their pain decreased dramatically. Spinal and back injuries can be relieved as well. Warm water helps to increase the flow of blood and improve circulation by reducing the inflammation of muscles. This can be quite beneficial for people who spend their days bending, lifting, and doing other types of manual labor.

Swimming is one form of exercise that doctors recommend to people who are unable to do other types. Because it is low impact and muscles throughout the body are used, it is possible to lose weight and build muscles at the same time. When you have a warm water pool, the exercises can be performed any time of year. If choosing a pool for the health benefits, you can keep it maintained by using automatic pool cleaners pittsburgh, such as the ones offered by Valley Pool & Spa.


Since swimming is a low impact exercise, the strengthening of tendons, joints, and muscles is gradual. This is important for people who are recovering from injuries. When muscles must be strengthened, it is easier doing so in warm water without the risk of tearing them. The warm water loosens muscles while cold water causes them to tighten.

Warm water is also a way to lift your mood. The warmth of the water calms you and in turn, relieves stress. Many people have reported sleeping much better after exercising or just soaking in a warm pool. When you are relaxing in the warm water, it is easier to clear your mind of the stresses of the day. This can be a good way to de-stress for people who suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems.

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