How Important is an Energy Performance Certificate?

nergy Performance CertificateAn Energy Performance Certificate is more than a simple document that states how efficient your house is. In fact, the grade on the certificate can make a difference of 10-15% in property value, and the higher the score on that mandatory piece of paper, the more savings in energy costs there will be for months and years to come.

The seller of a house with a good rating can be comfortable in the knowledge that their house is worth more. Buyers are sure that the house is energy efficient, and renters know the house will save them money in energy expenses every month. Everyone wins, including the environment.

How do people choose which house to buy?
There was a time when the only things that mattered when choosing a house were its location, size, number of bedrooms, garage and garden, and price, and so on. These issues are important, of course, and will remain important. People want a home near shops and schools, with enough rooms for their family and a garage or garden that adequately suits their needs within their proposed budget.

However, one factor is becoming more important and can make or break a deal: the energy performance certificate rating. A good rating leaves property owners with the satisfying knowledge that their home is worth more and it gives buyers comfort because they know the house is well-maintained and will shave a lot off their energy bills. The energy performance certificate is becoming more important, especially since governments and organisations insist on ‘greener’ communities.

The growing importance of energy efficiency
Energy efficiency has always been a noble goal in the past, but that’s what it has been in the past: a recommended objective. Today, energy efficiency is a must, for two main reasons. First, we live in an era where green is in, and more people support conservation efforts to save the planet. The green movement of politics and environmentalism that got its voice in the 70s has grown and taken hold and is unlikely to disappear. Green is the way of the future.

Aside from the political and environmental ideology, there are also practical sides. The global economic crisis that is only recently beginning to show signs of waning left all governments and institutions looking for ways to cut costs. Increasing energy efficiency does not only decrease the carbon footprint we leave, it also saves us money. Energy efficiency has become an obligation.

An energy performance certificate can make or break a real estate deal
Although the concept of a certificate is only about seven years young, it has ingrained itself into the real estate market for good. Not only is it now mandatory for every seller or landlord to present a certificate to buyers or tenants, the rating on the certificate can seriously influence the kind of transaction that takes place.

If the rating on the EPC is low – say, an F or G – sellers and buyers will be different than when the rating is high, such as an A. For some, lower scores are better, such as investors seeking property to fix up and renovate to sell at a profit. For others, such as young and starting families, only the highest ratings will do, as attested by an accredited body like Regardless of the deal, energy efficiency is important – and the certificate is a ticket to future green and economically-sound living.

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