How to Help an Aging Plumbing System

Older homes are said to have a lot of character. Houses that date back to the early or middle 1900’s are plentiful on the market and can often be had for a great price. These might be a bargain, but they can come with a few problems as the plumbing system ages and begins to deteriorate. There are a few things you can do to help an aging plumbing system until you can afford to replace with new materials.

Insulate All Exposed Pipes

Homeowners and plumbers in Baltimore know that the winter months can be brutal. Cold temperatures and long cold nights can wreak havoc on the plumbing. Keep all freshwater pipes and drains insulated well from the extreme cold. Add heat strips to ensure water is free flowing both in and out of the home at all times. This is an inexpensive way to get maximum mileage out of your plumbing system. The cost is pennies per feet for this sound investment.

Clean Drain Traps and Screens Regularly

The curved trap areas in sink drains and screens that are designed to cover drains should be kept free from a build-up of dirt and debris. Clean these items regularly for freer movement of water. You might be surprised at the items that can be found stuck inside traps under the sink. This is also an area that oils and grease accumulate when poured down the sink. Keep an old empty vegetable can to pour meat greases in and avoid putting them down the sink drains. Keep screens over all bath and shower drains to collect hair and small chunks of soap that can enter the pipes and eventually clog the system.

Adjust Water Pressure Down

If your plumbing system is too old to have a pressure adjustment valve, get one installed as soon as possible. The pressure of city water can often be too much for older plumbing systems. You will be able to control the pressure that is exerted on your plumbing system. A small adjustment down can make all the difference in preserving your plumbing.

Replace Parts of the Plumbing System as It Is Affordable

It may be too expensive for you to have all of the plumbing replaced at one time. Try concentrating on small areas periodically. Eventually the entire plumbing system will be brand new.

Contact plumbing professionals like if you are experiencing problems with an aging plumbing system.

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