How to Safely Remove Trees

Removing large trees can be dangerous and difficult, and it’s a job that’s out of reach for most homeowners. Hiring a local tree service is the right approach, but you should still learn about proper safety techniques so you’re assured that the company you choose is doing the job correctly. Read on for several safe tree removal tips.

Check Nearby Power Lines

If a tree is encroaching on power lines, the company should assume that those lines are “live” and extremely dangerous. Before Woodbridge tree removal takes place, you should call your local utility company to determine how to de-energize or shield the lines while the job is in progress. According to OSHA, a trained specialist must remove any tree within ten feet of a power transmission line.

Plan—and Plan Again

Even if a tree to be removed is nowhere near transmission lines, careful planning is essential to safe removal. The tree service should evaluate the jobsite for potential dangers like broken branches. If a tree is large, the company should decide how to break it into smaller sections. Reliable tree services don’t remove trees on poor-weather days, as wind, rain and snow can make the job considerably more dangerous.

Use Proper Safety Gear

Tree service personnel should use the right safety gear. Workers should use gloves to protect hands from injury, and safety glasses can keep airborne debris out of the eyes. Hard hats are a must-have for protection from falling branches, and climbing workers should use safety harnesses to shield themselves from falls. All other tools and equipment should be thoroughly tested and properly maintained to ensure safe Hamden tree removal.

Stay Alert

One of the keys to proper tree removal is for workers to stay alert during the process. Having help on the job offers workers multiple perspectives, which makes it easier to see possible risks. It’s important for workers to maintain good communication from start to finish, to ensure safe removal of the tree. Once the tree is cut, workers shouldn’t turn away from it, as debris may come down as the tree falls. By being alert, workers can spot danger and move quickly to avoid it if necessary.

Trees can be an asset to any homeowner, and their stately appearance can add beauty and value to any piece of property. However, accidents and disease do strike on occasion, and some trees need to be removed for safety reasons. By learning about safe tree removal and ensuring that the service follows the tips above, homeowners like you can protect the health of your remaining trees.

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