How To Take Advantage of Solar Power In Your Home

Renewable sources of energy such as solar are great ways to cut costs.  Everyone can relate to wanting to save money.  Renewable energy sources also help the environment.  Fossil fuels are the cause of global warming.  Read this article to find out more information about solar power.

The first thing to take into consideration is the efficiency of your panels.  This will determine how electricity you will be able to produce.  There are instances where more powerful panels will produce more electricity.  Those who have a small roof and consume a lot of electricity have a need for more efficient solar panels.

Solar panel efficiency is affected by the density of the panels.  Denser panels produce more power but are more expensive.  It is important to also look at solar panel density prior to purchasing.

Those who purchase solar panels need to follow simple maintenance guidelines.  Be sure and inspect your panels monthly.  Clean the panels with a brush as well as soap and water.  Rain water also helps clean your panels.  You can also make sure your panels are all functioning with a solar monitoring system.

No need to fill your roof with an array of solar panels to go solar.  Simply start small by replacing all your outdoor lighting.  There are different ways that you can go solar.  Those with a limited budget should consider switching out outdoor lights to solar powered.  A solar powered water heater can also help you reduce your consumption without spending on rooftop solar.

There are other solar powered products that you can use.  Buy a solar powered phone charger or even calculator.  For those who love the outdoors, consider purchasing solar powered camping equipment such as stoves.

For those who wish to go rooftop solar be sure and take a look at the various options available.  Some states allow you to purchase power directly from a solar provider.  This is called a PPA agreement.  In this instance, the solar panels are owned by the solar company.  The solar company then makes a deal with the property owner to sell back the power.  This is not available in every state.

Many solar providers also work with different finance companies.  There are options such as lease to own with a $1 buyout at the end.  There are also straight finance programs available.  This allows the property owner to actually own the panels out right.  Many solar finance companies even have low interest and no money down programs.  This makes it easy for just about anyone to own a rooftop solar system.

Be sure and check with a variety of solar companies prior to purchasing a roof top system.  Look at equipment specifications such as panel efficiency as well as brand.  It is always important to compare apples with apples.  Also, be sure and look at warranty issues.  Most solar panel manufacturers will warranty their products for a specified amount of time only.

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