Roofing Maintenance Tips

Many roofing materials are designed to last 20 to 25 years under optimal conditions. But failing to regularly maintain a roof will decrease this life expectancy. Over the course of time, harsh weather limbs grating against shingles, improper drainage and insects can begin a premature destruction if not addressed timely.  Roof repair Massachusetts begins with proper maintenance.

The first step in proper maintenance is a detailed roof inspection. A roofing system cannot be inspected from the ground and many defects are not immediately visible. Though loose or missing shingles can be noticed, other defects are not readily apparent.

Vegetation beginning to grow underneath the shingles is usually not noticeable from a distance. Roofing nails that have “popped” or loosened cannot be seen except up close. In those instances when leaks have occurred, the source of the leak is often difficult to trace the source of the leak. It is impossible to detect most insect infestation, such as termites, from a cursory ground inspection.

If a defect is detected in an annual inspection, it can be repaired less expensively than a complete re-roofing project. Improper drainage can be repaired before ice damming begins to cause leaks. Curling shingles can be replaced before they are torn apart by high winds. Moisture problems can be corrected before wood underlayment becomes damaged beyond repair.

Though a roof is a functional component of a business, appearance is important. With qualified roofers, replacement shingles can almost always be matched to the original for aesthetic purposes. Flashing can be added to certain areas with minimal removal of the surrounding roofing system. Chimney or vent repair can usually be made without noticeable difference in appearance.

Periodic inspection and maintenance goes beyond protecting the roof itself. A leaking roof leads to problems throughout the building. Drywall will become water damaged. Wall and floor insulation will often need to be replaced. Carpeting and hardwood flooring can become stained or permanently ruined. If leakage flows into walls, electrical wiring can also be at risk. In chronic cases of leaking, structural studs and sheathing may need replacement.

So the cost of maintenance is a preventive form of insurance that benefits not only the roof, but the remainder of the home or commercial building. Like an annual car inspection, a periodic roof inspection will usually prevent costlier repairs down the road.

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