Steelwork for Home Extensions: Frequently Asked Questions

SteelworkAre you getting started on an extension project for your home? Do you have the plans drawn up and the builders ready? If so, you’re probably well on your way to realising your construction dreams. But you likely have some questions, too, and some gaps in your knowledge. For example, do you need steelwork and are unsure of where to get it? Have you considered how steelwork will affect your extension plans and what you need to do in order to have it properly fitted? Read on for some FAQs on steelwork for small projects and home extensions.

I Need Steel – What’s My First Step?
Consult a professional steel supply firm. Once you have found a company that specialises in steel, you will need to arrange to show them your engineer’s drawings, which will reveal which sections you need in steel and the size of the sections. Generally, you can fax or email the plans to the company. They will then draw up an estimate based on your plans. The estimate will calculate the lengths you need and also any fabrication required.

I Don’t Know the First Thing About Steel, What Do I Need?
When choosing a steel supplier, make sure there is the facility to visit with the company if you are unsure of how to use steel in your project. It doesn’t matter if you are completely clueless about the steel you need for your project. Talk through the specifications and the details with the technical team. They will let you know exactly what you need and how the steel will be supplied.

I Don’t Have the Measurements, Is That A Problem?
Most companies will have a contracts manager or a surveyor attend your site in order to take dimensions in preparation for an estimate. There is often a charge for the survey, but you are guaranteed that it will be accurate or you get your money back.

Does the Company Provide Fittings and Fixings?
Usually, any company that provides a steel fitting service will also provide the necessary bolts and fixings in order to connect and assemble the steelwork. For more information about such a steel supplier, click here. Other factors to consider when you are figuring out what you need for the full steel service include paint protection, coatings, and bearing plates. Ask the supplier exactly what will be needed to complete the home extension project.

How Quickly Can Steelwork Be Fitted?
If you are in a hurry with your extension plans, then make this known to the suppliers. However, bear in mind that it takes some time in order for the steel to be fabricated and delivered. The time taken will depend on the size of the project and its complexity. Consult your steel supplier for more details and an accurate estimate of the timing.

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