Stone and Brick Patio Additions

Spending quality time outdoors means having the perfect space to feel comfortable. You can have the patio you have always desired by using quality products designed to last for years. Below are a few of the choices available in contemporary patio materials.

Timeless Brick Construction
Bricks have been used for generation in the construction of buildings, roads, sidewalks and outdoor enjoyment areas. There is no reason you cannot expect the same quality and timeless beauty of a brick patio. They stand up well to all weather conditions and replacement, or repairs are simple and affordable. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, such as red, brown, sand and off-white. You can mix and match to create a dynamic looking patio for all of your outdoor entertaining needs.

The most popular flagstones in use for patio design are sandstone, limestone and slate. Colors can range from brown, beige, blue and gray. These are stones that you can also mix up the colors a little for a unique look. The surface is naturally anti-skid and will offer safety in inclement weather. This makes it the perfect all-season patio material.

Natural Stone
Natural stone is one of the more artistic and eye-catching materials to use for patio construction. The variety of colors and shapes create a masterpiece when combined for a completed patio surface. These rocks are generally pulled from riverbeds, which have washed water over the surfaces for untold centuries. This means they will have real lasting power when used as a patio floor. The texture is smooth, although there are natural waves and imperfections that make this an endearing product for those with an independent spirit.

Concrete is a product that can be formed into stones using a mold. It is durable, can be colored, etched and cut to any size desired. Once polished and sealed, it looks like a more expensive natural stone patio at a fraction of the cost. You can have a glamorous and attractive patio entertainment area without spending a fortune.

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