Tips On Installing A Wooden Fence

While wooden fences can be quite beautiful, they must also be installed with great care lest they become to subject to premature rot and decay. Luckily, installing the wooden fence posts which are the backbone of the entire fence is not that difficult. Here is a guide on how to install them in a safe and fastidious manner.

1. The best way to install the post is by setting in concrete. This provides maximum stability. However, if there is dense soil this can be used as well.

2. Choose lumber that is best suited to the region of the country in which you live. The amount of humidity, as well as other factors, will determine exactly what type of wood will be needed. Make sure that their wood has been treated and that it is labeled to withstand burial. There is a special treatment process the wood must undergo be able to be buried for years on end and not rot.

3. After the posts have been purchased, remember that the ends will need to be treated by you. This is especially crucial if you live in a moist environment. Make sure to use a non-water based preservative that can be brushed on. Make sure to read all safety precautions as wood preservatives are toxic to humans.

4. Dig the holes and pack the dirt in around the posts after they have been placed. This will ensure maximum stability after installing the rest of the fence. If this sounds like too much work or simply not something you want to deal with, you can always hire a fancing contractor in Lake County, IL. They will ensure that the work is done efficiently and up the top level fencing craftsmanship that you so richly deserve.

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