A Window on the Future in the Housing Market

windowAfter a few years of problems the property market is on the move. Inevitably, the largest growth is in London and the surrounding counties because the commercial hub of the country is obviously where confidence returns first. However, other regions are certainly benefitting and those benefits are expected to continue given the impetus that government initiatives have given by setting up funding for first time buyers.

Take for example the South West. The Bridgewater Mercury has announced the increase in house building in the Region comparing 2012 with a similar period in 2013 and obviously 2012 was better than the year before. It incorporates Somerset, Devon and Cornwall primarily. These are largely rural counties where residential building can be a contentious subject. Certainly there are always local complainants and objectors to any project that seems to harm the community and the environment.

New projects
With the improving economic news it is certain that building projects will be submitted on a regular basis in the coming months. They will hope to get a smooth ride which doesn’t seem to be the case with one such proposal in Somerset where the residents of a little hamlet called Hinton Blewett strongly oppose a residential development. There is a wider debate, really nationwide, that there is a housing shortage and that will inevitably lead to applications that will have an effect on the environment and the possible use of what is currently agricultural land. There may be no problem in the larger towns of Somerset but undoubtedly the real countryside will come under increasing pressure.

Suppliers and tradesmen
The construction industry is happy to see the positive news from the market and clearly will be happy to build projects that have planning approval. Window suppliers, plumbers, electricians and joiners are all ready to quote for new work. It will come from large construction projects but also from home owners that have decided to upgrade their homes.

Utility bills
Modern double glazed windows and composite doors can transform a house in many ways. The house will become more energy efficient because this modernisation will reduce any draughts and hence loss of heat.  Additionally, there is far less maintenance when you change wood for UPVC. You can still have the wood effect if you are not a fan of white.

If you are starting to think that your own property is in need of improvement, perhaps because you have just had a heating bill drop through the door, then perhaps you should look to see what is available and get an idea of costs. When it comes to windows you can actually enter your dimensions on interactive websites and get an idea of price. If you like what you see then make the call.

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