Seven Ways to Make a Home More Attractive to Buyers

If you’ve been living in your home for several years you are familiar with all its best qualities. When it comes time to sell it you want to make sure you highlight those qualities for potential buyers. Consider seven ways to make your home more attractive.

Clean the Fireplace

When buyers are clicking through a list of homes for sale they are frequently told to check out the houses here. Many of these buyers are on the lookout for a home with a fireplace. So, make sure your fireplace and the hearth are clean. In addition, put a new log on the grate. Setting this scene will help individuals who are viewing your home think about when they could enjoy the fireplace and how it would smell on a wintry night. Think of this as helping to stir up the imagination of buyers. Ideally, you want them to take every opportunity to picture themselves living in your home.

Place Flower Pots Around the Front Entrance

An arrangement of decorative pots and wooden containers with colorful flowers in them helps to make a wonderful first impression on buyers as they approach your home. Put them near your front door or perhaps along your front walkway. Bright red, yellow and purple flowers are especially appealing. Make sure all the flowers are watered and deadheaded on a regular basis so they look their best at all times.

Clear Off the Kitchen Counters

Salt shakers, papers, recipe books and napkin holders on a kitchen counter tend to make the space look cluttered. This can be a turn off for potential buyers. Most people touring a home like to see kitchen counters that are sparkling and free of unnecessary items. If you want to put a vase of flowers or a simple bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter it would help to highlight the beauty of the countertops without making them look crowded.

Put Flowers in Vases Around the Home

An arrangement of flowers in a vase can add a pleasing touch to any room. They can even be used to complement a room’s décor. For instance, if you have a bathroom with pastel yellow walls, put a bouquet of daisies next to the sink. The yellow in the daisies will echo the yellow on the walls. Or, choose a vase that complements the colors in a room. These are subtle touches, but sometimes they can make all the difference to visitors walking through.

Shine the Bathroom Faucets and Other Hardware

Most potential buyers give the bathrooms in a home a close inspection. To make them look even more appealing, shine the faucets, bathtub spout, shower door handles and other hardware until they shine! This will catch the attention of buyers the moment they peer into the room.

Put a Tea Kettle on the Stove

Whether it’s made of brass, copper or silver, a tea kettle on the stove makes any kitchen look inviting. Even if you don’t drink tea and never have, get an attractive tea kettle and place it on the stove. It’s shining exterior will contribute to the warm atmosphere of your kitchen.

Set the Kitchen Table

If you have a table in the kitchen, put a tablecloth on it and set two or three places. Use elegant white dishes and shining silverware. Doing this is another way to kick start a potential buyer’s imagination. You may be taking the table with you when you move, but this set-up puts some questions into the minds of buyers. What would my table look like in that spot? Would our family eat dinner here in the kitchen or breakfast? These questions prompt buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. A few simple place settings can get their minds moving in the right direction.

Finally, it’s worth your time to walk through your home and try to look at it as if you’re seeing it for the first time. This will help you to find more features you can highlight for buyers.

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